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Invisalign Thornhill When you want your teeth straightened, but you do not want the look of traditional invisalign braces, you can opt of Invisalign. These clear invisalign braces, with aligners that can be removed, will work for many people. They are custom fit to the teeth of the wearer in order to correct your teeth's alignment without making you have an obvious mouth full of metal in Richmond Hill, North York and Thornhill.

Weighing your options
Unfortunately, Invisalign will not work for everyone who needs braces. Also, after hearing all the details, some people may just decide that Invisalign is not right for them. If you want to find out more about Invisalign, so that you can decided if they are right for you, call and make an appointment for free consultation in Richmond Hill, North York and Thornhill. We offer a number of payment methods and flexible hours.


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